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Mapping Radar Data in yt

August 17, 2018

The Data Exploration Lab collaborated with the ARM Climate Research Team from the Argonne National Laboratory in a week long coding sprint to create and improve functions for weather radar data in yt. A front end to support and display radial datasets was created, allowing yt to render 2D radial grids and slice plots.

unyt released

June 12, 2018

The project unyt has been officially released! Nathan Goldbaum has extracted the unit-handling code from yt and provided it as a fast, standalone library for use in other python projects.

SWC Curriculum Advisory Committee

May 7, 2018

DXL postdoc Madicken Munk joined the Software Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee as a curriculum advisor for the Software Carpentry lesson stack in The Carpentries. Congratulations, Madicken!